About Therapy

2260242831It’s totally understandable to feel a little nervous about therapy.

It’s a common feeling that most clients experience when we first meet!

Therapy is a wonderful time when you can be yourself and be accepted, no matter what you present in front of me.

This is a safe space, judgment-free. You don’t have to feel embarrassed with what you want to share, and your story isn’t awful enough to make me look at you differently.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, I know you’re doing the best you can with the tools available to you.

When you have issues with the electrical connection in your home, you call an electrician to fix it, right? When you’re going through rough times in your relationship, you can call me.

Sometimes, our challenges are bigger than what we can face alone.

You are in good hands.

I love helping people. I’m compassionate and will do my best to bring you to the place you need to be in your life.

I underwent extensive training to ensure I can help couples and provide them the support they need to heal their relationship.

My work is my passion, and I am fortunate to do what I love.

Struggles in our most important relationships negatively impact nearly everything.

We won’t just address your depression, anxiety, loss of interest in doing things, fear, or self-doubt. We’ll dig deeper and get to the root cause of what’s causing the unsatisfied, painful relationships with your significant other.

272600351Relationships can transform how we see ourselves.

They can improve or destroy self-image and self-esteem, modifying our perception of the world and people around us.

Relationships give us wings to try new horizons and conquer new possibilities, or they take away the energy and courage to move forward.

During our time together, we will look at your current relationship model and find out why it is not working.

We will screen and compare your needs, goals, and qualities to determine how your differences can build happiness and work for you. We will also examine the areas in your relationship or marriage that cause pain and emotional disturbances and replace them with attributes that best fit your personality and values.

Together, we will reprogram your brain to generate emotions and feelings you miss daily to help you and your partner get your relationship back on track.

Email me at valery@unitedcouples.com or book an appointment below.

About Me

AdminHi, I’m Valery!

I love to help people.

If you were born into this world, you deserve to be happy. My deepest desire is to help you reach the horizons you are staring at.

I see ongoing self-development and learning new things as the most exciting part of our lives that prevent us from being bored or stagnating. We are flexible and do change. We grow or regress along with changes in our environment. That is why I chose to be in this field – unlimited learning and ongoing new ideas and insights about improving myself as a person and as a professional fill my life with fun.

I have had my heart on becoming a psychotherapist since I was a teen. As I got older, I combined my love of learning and traveling. I went to see new places and attended training at the same time and completed my professional training in the USA and overseas.

Fulfilling life is about gratitude, laughter, and giving love to the world. The experience of being born and raised in Europe, traveling, visiting, and living in many places have formed my mindset in a special way.

I cherish what I have and know things could change at any moment. When it does, the new doors lead to new journeys, new people, and new souls that are new opportunities to love, support, and learn from. I am convinced that our overall well-being strongly depends on how we choose to share with people and the world around us.

When I’m not doing therapy…

On hot summer evenings, I enjoy a good book on the porch.

When dawn blends into the dark sky and the smell of pine trees saturates the fresh air, I usually start my day running.

I close my busy weeks by celebrating with teatime on the golf course, and the rest of my time is filled with cooking new recipes and sharing new dishes with friends.

When winter arrives here in Georgia and the weather is perfect for golfing, my husband and I pack the car with bags and leave for snowy mountains.