Couples Therapy

2040549059You and your spouse have grown apart.

Lately, it seems you’ve outgrown the life you once dreamed of sharing together, and now you both want different things.

It’s like there isn’t enough space for both of you.

The compromises are endless. Your wonderful spouse used to be the person you counted on for happiness and contentment.

Now, this person is more like a plan and dream crusher – a monster sent from the deep to torture and make you miserable.

Neither of you is getting what you want out of this relationship, but you are dedicated to each other and want to stay together.

1776940622There is a reason you’re feeling this way.

Take my hand, and I will show you what’s happening behind the curtains of your marriage.

There’s a hidden spot you aren’t aware of contributing to all the troubles in your relationships. It makes decisions without you, generates emotions for you, and causes you to question everything; it’s your morphological brain.

Your brain has an essential function to help you to survive in dangerous environments. If your thoughts and behavior are negative, you signal to your brain that you need help to stay alive. Your brain gets the message, and its “help” is on the way.

So, when you get anxious, aggressive, or tense, feelings toward your lovely spouse become skewed, and suddenly your brain is ready to help you battle this perceived monster.

Let me help you find peace.

I teach couples to understand how their actions and thoughts influence their morphological brains and affect their relationships.

This is why things are so confusing and tense; the fighting never stops, resentment and bitterness keep growing, and it feels like the love of your life has disappeared.

I am here to show you how to get off this battlefield and on the path to peace and fulfillment. It’s time to get your marriage back on track.

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