Online Therapy

1180857367Your life is already busy.

Whether you live in a small community or a large city, if you work from home or fight through traffic every day, online therapy can be the answer for you.

I spent years seeing clients in person. They frequently came into the office rushed, out of breath, and flustered. It’s no wonder when they’re trying to commute to and from the appointment during their busy schedule.

But therapy works best when you are relaxed, comfortable, and unrushed. Trying to shoehorn healing into an already-packed day places an undue burden on yourself and the therapeutic process.

When comfort matters most.

How often do you watch movies at home, and how often do you go to the theater? Have you noticed that the experience is more enjoyable at home with your favorite snack, feet up, sitting comfortably on your couch with a cozy blanket?

Online therapy offers this same level of comfort. You don’t have to worry about rushing through traffic, the challenge of finding parking, or trying to find a sitter for the kids.

Get the help you need from the comfort and privacy of your home so that we can focus just on you and your healing.

586993559Online therapy can be the answer.

With more and more interactions taking place virtually, our brains have stopped distinguishing between face-to-face and online interactions.

This is why, these days, online therapy is just as effective as in-person. All you need is a quiet place, an Internet connection, and your phone or laptop. You’ll receive a Zoom link to click on before our session. And that’s it.

Discover the ease and convenience of online therapy, and let’s take the next step on your healing journey today.

Email me at, and we can talk more about how online therapy can be a fit for you, or you can book an appointment below.