663043036You’ve been betrayed. Now what?

Is there a marriage after infidelity?

Well, that’s up to you. This experience taught you that the tools you used to build your relationship didn’t produce the desired results.

You might’ve used the wrong tools or needed extra tools you didn’t know you had.

Regardless, infidelity is a sign that what you thought you had in your marriage was not actually there. Cheating, whether just a kiss or a full-blown relationship, signifies the end of this particular relationship. And since it’s the end, you can start over if you want.

But is it possible to start over with the same person? Yes, but your spouse is not “the same person.” Their infidelity has proven that you didn’t know them that well in the first place. So, the question is whether you want to start over with a spouse you don’t really know at all.

The situation is devastating, but there are solutions.

Therapy can help you determine the direction you wish you chose from the beginning. You both missed the correct turn in your relationship, and that’s fine, but now you’ll find it.

You deserve an expert to support you and help you navigate this.

And if you both choose to start over, we can get to work!

Therapy can help.

I provide an anxiety-free setting where you, alone or with your spouse, can look at your marriage from above. This new perspective will allow you to spot the areas that have been neglected or unnoticed.

Based on our findings, we’ll craft a vision for your marriage that suits your goals. It’s time to develop the direction you need to be happy and rediscover the affection and friendship you’ve been missing.

Feel like you and your spouse are in a new relationship with each other. Rebuild your life and take back what’s yours.

Let’s get started!

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